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    I am a new fan

    I am a new fan
    12 July 2021 Stephanie Drax

    About IMMUNE

    I tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday with just mild cold-like symptoms, initially a scratchy throat and blocked up and then full-on cold by Friday.  I took 2 tablets yesterday, one when they arrived and one when I went to bed. By 8pm I was already starting to feel more myself and then I actually slept (instead of coughing and blowing my nose!). I took one tablet early this morning and I’m feeling so much better today – I’ve even managed to do some gardening.  I am a new fan; I had saved the article from RED magazine earlier in the year, thinking I should get some of those – I wish I had before 🙂 I was very unlucky as I was one week into my second vaccine (not the magic 14 days) when I must have been exposed to Covid-19,  but run-down from a busy job!


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