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Leapfrog HQ
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London, SW11 1LJ, UK

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    We are Committed

    We’ve made sure that Leapfrog’s splash into the natural wellness market has as little impact on our environment as possible. We reduce carbon and waste by ensuring that our cartons and shipping boxes are 100% recyclable, and we are aiming for biodegradable blister packs in the near future (when we’re convinced that the chewable tablets will be protected.)

    Leapfrog contributes to the Woodland Trust, a charity that plants and protects trees and woods across the UK. Every time we hit a milestone we’ll double up on our donation.


    We are Transparent

    Traceability is key

    Our lactoferrin comes from milk produced by French cows that live on an all-natural diet on family farms within 80km of St Pol sur Ternoise. The farmers rely on traditional know-how associated with a genuine respect for nature and animals; the farms are all prohibited from the use of hormones and are routinely checked by veterinary experts. Every farmer must sign a chart on which animal wellbeing and environmental targets are met. Some farms have also had micro anaerobic digestion units installed to produce biogas and reduce greenhouse gases.

    Our chewable tablets are proudly created in Britain. Our manufacturer has BRCGS ‘AA’ Food Safety Accreditation and all their products comply with UK and EU legislation.

    Our Carbon Footprint

    Calculating Our Emissions

    The majority of the carbon impact of milk comes from components such as cream and lactose. Because lactoferrin is such a small fraction of the milk, the calculation of the carbon impact of our lactoferrin production is 0.94 kg (or 2.07lbs) of CO2 per kg of lactoferrin. In other terms, one kilogram of lactoferrin is the equivalent of 1kWh of electricity – and that makes 4000 Leapfrog IMMUNE chewable tablets.

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