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    • Prof Resia Pretorius who has written a study on Lactoferrin's potential against viruses and bacteria

      Science: Professor Resia Pretorious on Lactoferrin

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    • Interview with woman in wellness, Davinia Taylor

      Women In Wellness: Davinia Taylor

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    • Lactoferrin supplements can inhibit coronaviruses

      Science: Lactoferrin Helps Beat Holiday Bugs

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    • Cold Water Swimming for Improved Immunity

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    • Lactoferrin Helps Stop a Summer Cold

      Science: Lactoferrin Can Stop A Summer Cold

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    • Why Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

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    • Here Comes The Sun – And Free Vitamin D

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    • Renée Elliott: My Fairy Godmother

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    • Every Breath You Take Impacts Your Health

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    • Hayo'u Body Tapper for Immunity

      Combining Leapfrog with Chinese Medicine

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    • Lactoferrin - A Powerful Anti-Viral - Stops Viruses From Spreading

      Lactoferrin Starves Viruses into Submission

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    • How Leapfrog amended the EU Catalogue

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