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    The Science

    Lactoferrin and Lactium® – both sourced from the extraordinary cocktail that is mother’s milk – offer support in synch with our body’s own mechanisms. Our Lactoferrin is gently microfiltered from premium cow’s milk, is 100% natural, and has its antimicrobial, immune-modulating properties carefully preserved. Our Lactium® is a patented ingredient, a natural protein hydrolysate designed to zap stress and sleep disturbance.

    Lactoferrin is a vital part of your body’s innate immune response

    The Guardian

    Phase 1

    Lactoferrin stands guard at the gateways of the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems – in fluids, tears and saliva – ready to neutralise viruses or bacteria as they appear. It slows their growth, prevents them from reproducing, or kills them outright.

    The Reinforcements

    Phase 2

    If pathogens enter, then lactoferrin recruits other immune cells for tactical support, stimulating the immune system into action. This backup team is our body’s second shield against viruses and microbes and takes care of us if we have an infection.

    The Last Stand

    Phase 3

    When the threat is under control lactoferrin slows down the backup response. Lactoferrin encourages homeostasis – body balance – by calling off the recruits and preventing our immune system from going into rescue overdrive.

    “The active ingredients of Leapfrog IMMUNE have been carefully selected and crafted into a formula that I believe to be scientifically superior to similar products on the market.”

    Dr. Marian Kruzel, PhD – Lactoferrin Consultant

    Lactium® is the key to relaxation and better sleep

    The Inspiration

    Phase 1

    A baby’s gut produces digestive enzymes that can break down the casein in milk into a pool of peptides that have a soothing effect that can lead to sleep. As our digestive system matures, we lose the calming effects of drinking milk as adults.

    The Challenge

    Phase 2

    French scientists took a decade to develop a method to unlock milk’s relaxing quality; they broke the molecular bonds into a chain of 10 peptides – a decapeptide – called α-casozepine using a tryptic hydrolysis technique. Lactium® was born.

    The Breakthrough

    Phase 3

    GABA is a chemical in the brain that acts as a brake to calm the nervous system, reducing fear, anxiety and stress. Lactium® is shown to bind to GABAA receptors to allow the increased flow of GABA without side effects, sedation, or addiction.

    The efficacy of Lactium® is supported by 9 clinical studies – conducted between 1999 and 2018 on over 500 volunteers – that indicate an effect on stress and sleep.

    Dive deeper into the science of each ingredient


    Lactoferrin is an awesome natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory iron-binding protein that supports the immune system and gut microflora.

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    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is vital to your body’s effective immune response. It also helps with stress and heals wounds – closing the doorway to infection-causing bacteria.

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    Zinc is an immunity-boosting powerhouse that combats colds and fights inflammation, all while creating new cells and helping us process food efficiently.

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    Lactium® is a clever milk protein hydrolysate that contains a bioactive decapeptide with soothing properties called alpha-casozepine that can help with stress and sleep.

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    Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 is a dream-enhancing vitamin that aids in the production of serotonin and dopamine (the happy hormones) and melatonin (the sleep hormone).

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