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    Tactical Support

    A bioactive decapeptide called alpha-casozepine that can induce contentment, calm and sleep by increasing the activity of the neurotransmitter Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA)


    A patented, all natural, bio-active peptide derived from cow’s milk


    150mg per SNOOZE tablet

    Game-Changing Nutrient

    Babies naturally secrete digestive enzymes that release a calming pool of peptides from milk. As our digestive system matures, we lose that ability. Researchers have worked to break the bonds of milk using tryptic hydrolysis technique, recreating the magic of mother’s milk in supplement form to zap stress and sleep disturbance.


    Increases the activity of Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter. It blocks specific signals in the central nervous system and calms the brain


    Shown to reduce anxiety in stressed conditions

    Increase Sleep Time

    More hours of sleep recorded at night

    Increase Sleep Efficiency

    Improvement in the ratio of total time spent asleep compared to time spent in bed, particularly after 4 weeks of use

    Reduce Cortisol Release

    Decreases plasma cortisol levels after acute stress and chronic anxiety, countering negative physiological effects of cortisol


    Unlike benzodiazepine molecules, Lactium® does not exhibit dependence or habituation


    As a natural bioactive, Lactium® does not have any side effects or toxicity

    Facts & Figures

    We are keeping up to speed with the research on Lactium®. Here are some of the latest clinical studies, critically assessed by peers and published independently.
    Effects of Alpha-s1 Casein Hydrolysate (Lactium®) on Sleep Disturbance (2019)
    • Design: Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover trial
    • Participants: 48 men and women
    • Dose: 300mg per day, 1 hour before bedtime
    • Duration: 4 weeks
    • Results: Increased total sleep time (9.7%) and sleep efficiency as well as decreased sleep latency and wake after sleep onset, with possible cumulative beneficial effects with long-term administration

    Read Study here

    Evaluation of Perceived Stress and Sleep Improvement With Lactium® (2022)
    • Design: Spiegel Questionnaire
    • Participants: 300 subjects across France, USA and China
    • Dose: 300mg
    • Duration: 4 weeks
    • Results: After 30 days of supplementation, sleep disorders improved for 77% of consumers and stress improved for 78% of the consumers questioned. 4 out of 5 consumers were satisfied with Lactium’s effects

    Read Study here

    Effects of a tryptic hydrolysate on volunteers facing stress situations (2005)
    • Design: Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study
    • Participants: N/A
    • Dose: 400mg daily
    • Duration:1 day
    • Results: A significant decrease in plasma cortisol concentrations in the casein hydrolysate group and heart rate remained stable, unlike in placebo group. Blood pressure and cortisol changes suggest an anti-stress profile of alpha-casozepine

    Read Study here

    Anti-Stress Effects of Lactium® on Acute Stress at Necker Hospital (2000)
    • Design: Stroop Test – psychological stress resistance test
    • Participants: 42 men
    • Dose: 800mg on first day, 400mg on second day
    • Duration: 2 days
    • Results: Blood pressure measurements showed a significant difference between the reaction of placebo group compared to the Lactium group and there was a significant reduction in plasma cortisol levels

    Read Study here

    Effects of Bovine Alpha S1-Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate on Sleep Disorders (2009)
    • Design: Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index (PSQI-J)
    • Participants: 32 men and women
    • Dose: 150mg
    • Duration: 5 weeks
    • Results: Subjects aged between 25-40 years suffered insomnia in the preceding 6 months. Lactium® improved sleep quality after two weeks, and decreases sleep latency and daytime dysfunction after four weeks of treatment

    Read Study here

    Effects of  a1-Casein Hydrolysate on Stress-Related Symptoms in Women (2006)
    • Design: Double-blind, randomized, crossover, placebo-controlled trial.
    • Participants: 63 women
    • Dose: 150mg
    • Duration: 30 days
    • Results: Female subjects suffering from at least one disorder that may be related to stress such as anxiety, sleep problems and general fatigue. The 30-day treatment reduced symptoms, particularly in digestion, cardiovascular, intellectual, emotional and social problems

    Read Study here


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