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    “What a faff it is finding something that works and is easy to take. This is one chewable pill, which is yummy, and the science says it works! I am loving them.”

    Maggie Bolger

    Co-Founder, Maggie & Rose

    “...the supplement brand taking the health world by storm... We’ve been taking it for the last week and are feeling noticeably less run-down”

    The Wellness Editor


    “...Took my tablets after travelling last week as I could feel a cold coming on... ta da... no cold!!👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏”

    Amber Nuttall

    Blue Marine Foundation

    “I gave Leapfrog IMMUNE to my daughter for her cold, and it nipped it in the bud. That was that!”

    Una S.

    Nature’s RemedyTM

    Your Body is Awesome.

    Every day your immune system defends you against a multitude of bacteria and viruses. You touch and breathe them in, and yet you don’t fall ill.

    Your Body’s Defence.

    Lactoferrin is a vital part of your body’s immune response. It works inside you all the time, but it can become depleted. This is where Leapfrog jumps in.

    Your Body, Better.

    Our Leapfrog formula is a combination of natural lactoferrin, zinc and vit C* – scientifically proven ingredients to help power you through the daily grind.

    You’re no stranger to lactoferrin.

    It’s a protein that’s produced by you – and the bodies of most mammals – as your first line response to germs you come into contact with.

    Your body naturally produces lactoferrin every day to regulate your vital functions. When you come into contact with viruses or bacteria, it’s the lactoferrin in your eyes, nose and/or mouth that gets to work in your defence.

    If you’re stressed, not sleeping, run down or not eating properly, your body’s lactoferrin can be depleted. This is when Leapfrog springs into action.