Nutritional Consultant

Emma Davies

"Lactoferrin is a nutrient classically found in breast milk. It binds iron and is transferred via a variety of receptors into and between cells, serum, bile, and cerebrospinal fluid. It has important immunological properties, and is both antibacterial and antiviral."

Tactical Support

Multifunctional protein that has several balancing and restorative roles in the body

The Game-Changing Nutrient

Lactoferrin is already present within the body, so Leapfrog IMMUNE works in synergy with our bodies’ own natural immune systems


250mg per IMMUNE tablet
50mg per SNOOZE tablet


Bovine Lactoferrin (bLf) is lactoferrin sourced from cow’s milk. Its similarity to human milk (up to 75% homology) means it shares many of the same therapeutic benefits


Prevents viruses and bacteria from entering healthy cells and replicating


Binds iron to itself, starving viruses and bacteria of the iron they need in order to survive and thrive


Binds to bacterial walls and kills bacteria

Stimulates Innate Immunity

Enhances the body’s immune response & improves the activation of white blood cells that respond to viruses and bacteria


Prevents harmful immune and inflammatory responses


Stimulates the immune system to act against germs and moderates our response to infections (maintains immune homeostasis and prevents the immune system going into overdrive) Also, helps us recover more quickly from infection.

Gut Health

Promotes the growth of selected probiotic strains

Facts & Figures

We are keeping up to speed with the research on Lactoferrin. Here are some of the latest clinical studies, critically assessed by peers and published independently.

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