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We believe in the powerful synergy of science and nature. Lactoferrin & Lactium® are Nature’s Remedy®, but Leapfrog has formulated them with extra goodies for additional benefits.

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Stephanie Drax

Stephanie is a Canadian / Austrian hybrid, a journalist and mother to two small tornado-like boys. Like many mums, she would brace herself for the winter months when the inevitable blocked noses and spluttering coughs would start. In 2018, Stephanie began researching ways of cutting colds off at the pass rather than masking the symptoms with medication. Her research led her to Dr Nicholas Larkins, who told her about Lactoferrin and its extraordinary properties, saying he "hadn't had a cold in 30 years". Stephanie tried the "miracle molecule" for herself and was astounded by its instant effects. She sourced the best Lactoferrin from France, gathered a team of scientists and wellness experts and launched Leapfrog, bringing chewable lactoferrin supplements to the UK for the first time.

To read more about why and how she brought Leapfrog to market, read Stephanie’s posts in our Journal.

Head of Nutrition

Emma Davies


Emma is a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner who also works under the umbrella of NatureDoc, the clinic founded by eminent naturopath Lucinda Miller. Emma is strongly influenced by both the integrative and functional medicine philosophies that underlie her knowledge of nutrition. Emma specialises in Autoimmunity and Immunity, Women’s health, Thyroid and Adrenal health and Gut dysfunction. She regularly uses Lactoferrin in clinic for its astounding variety of therapeutic benefits.


Renée Elliott

Founder of Planet Organic • Mentor

In 1995, Renée founded Planet Organic, the first organic supermarket in the UK and now a successful multi-million-pound brand. Renée is a prolific corporate and public speaker, an active supporter of entrepreneurs, a successful author of cutting-edge cookbooks, and a full-on mum. She brings hard-won business skills and intuitive wisdom to all of her works. Renée co-founded the wellbeing business Beluga Bean, the organisation through which she has mentored Leapfrog Remedies’ Stephanie Drax.

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Dr Hamid Merchant

BPharm MPharm PhD PGCertHE CQP RPh FHEA SRPharmS

Dr Merchant has over 17 years’ experience in pharmaceutical research and development. His expertise includes novel formulation design, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, bioavailability and bioequivalence. Formerly associated with Abbott Laboratories Ltd for five years and UCL for six years, he is currently Subject Lead in Pharmacy and the Course Leader for the postgraduate suite of pharmacy programs at the University of East London. Dr Merchant is also a Deputy Editor-in-Chief for the British Journal of Pharmacy.

Immunology Consultant

Dr Marian Kruzel PhD

Professor Kruzel is an internationally recognized immunologist with an interest established in inflammation and age-related pathophysiology. He is a faculty member at the Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology, UT Health McGovern Medical School at Houston, and is a founder and CEO of PharmaReview Corporation, a biomedical research and consulting company in Houston, Texas.