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    Fantastic supplement

    Fantastic supplement
    25 November 2022 Stephanie Drax

    About IMMUNE

    I think yr products are really great! I got home yesterday feeling a bit coldy and took one of yr tablets and feel fine this am AND I think the SNOOZE is really helping my sleep. I also had a consultation yesterday with a nutritionist following a lifecode GX nutrient DNA test for one of my daughters. Her ferritin is low and she recommended an iron supplement for her to take daily with one of yr Leapfrog IMMUNE tablets because she said the lactoferrin helps the body absorb the iron…fascinating… As you see I have ordered the Leapfrog for each of my 3 young and a packet for myself. Well done you for bringing out such a fantastic supplement. I also love that it is not a capsule which you have to swallow!



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