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    I’m spreading the word!!

    I’m spreading the word!!
    21 January 2023 Stephanie Drax

    About IMMUNE

    In the weeks building up to Christmas, right through until now, my husband & I have been in the midst of a host of folk going down with a variety of different winter lurgies (some particularly virulent forms of flu) We had a busy time planned ahead so neither of us could afford to go down with anything. So the moment either of us started suffering the slightest symptoms, sniffle or sore throat, we would start a course of ‘Leapfrog IMMUNE’  – taking one tablet morning & evening for as long as it took. Call it a fluke but it’s the first winter in ages, that neither of us has gone down with some sort of respiratory illness since returning from Australia full time, 6yrs ago. I put this all down to taking ‘Immune’ & am most grateful to have discovered it!! Actually tastes good, as well as doing good. I’m spreading the word!!




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