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    It has massive benefit

    It has massive benefit
    19 January 2023 Stephanie Drax

    About IMMUNE

    My immune system is suppressed and when I get something I have an auto-immune condition which they think is Crohn’s disease. What they know is that my body overreacts to any viral condition so a small cold becomes a chest infection. I have been taking Leapfrog and I’m the only one in my house who hasn’t had Covid or gotten really ill with coughs and colds. If I feel I’ve got a virus coming on I’ll take 2 a day for as long as I feel the symptoms are bad. Then, I take 1 a day for as long as I need to. It has a massive benefit for me. I have a daughter and she has autoimmune issues too, so now she is taking it. I’m getting everybody on it!




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