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    It just works!

    It just works!
    13 October 2021 Stephanie Drax

    About IMMUNE

    I listened to your Insta Lives on Liz Earle and I thought I’d give it a go.  My dad lives with us – he’s 87 and when he gets a cold he’s prone to falling and I wondered if it would help. It did – it was miraculous.  And I’ve found it helps me if I’m starting to feel a bit ill. The same with my daughter. My 17 year old normally doesn’t get colds but when she started mixing after the holiday she got the really bad cold that’s going around. I gave her a Leapfrog and she got over it a lot quicker than her friends. Now I wouldn’t be without it. And although it looks pricey when you look at Lactoferrin anywhere else, it’s really that much. And you’ve made it taste nice, which is great when you’ve got kids and a reluctant husband. Thank you for making such a fantastic product!

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