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    I’ve really been sleeping better

    I’ve really been sleeping better
    28 November 2022 Stephanie Drax

    About SNOOZE

    I’ve been going through menopause for 7 years and have been struggling to sleep. I’ve tried CBD gummies and magnesium on my legs. Instead, I started taking SNOOZE and it took a couple of weeks build-up, but in the last few days I‘ve really been sleeping better. I’ve been going to bed at 10.30 pm and I sleep until 6 am and haven’t been getting up at night. I’ve been taking one SNOOZE tablet an hour before bed. I’ve also been taking Leapfrog IMMUNE for Long Covid. I’ve had stomach problems since the vaccine. I’ve had a painful and hot stomach at times I couldn’t eat properly and felt my food wasn’t digesting. Nothing has come up in blood tests. I took one IMMUNE per day and I think it helped. My husband started getting a cold, and he took it for the last three days – he doesn’t really get colds, but he said it had gone. Thank you for creating both these products.



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