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    We think they are amazing!!!

    We think they are amazing!!!
    4 February 2022 Stephanie Drax

    About IMMUNE

    I’ve actually been meaning to message you for a while now, to let you know how fab I found Leapfrog tablets when I had Covid back in October. I really feel they helped a lot with alleviating the symptoms I had and I recovered quickly with luckily no symptoms of Long Covid. Weirdly, I lost my smell and taste for about a week but then they came back almost as quickly as they went. I’m sure that was due to Leapfrog. I recommended them to my sister who bought them for her family and although my niece got Covid before she bought the Leapfrog, my 17 year old nephew, who is constantly out and about with friends since Lockdown eased has not caught it. This is a miracle really, since he shared a tent in Reading Festival with a friend who got Covid and who was eventually hospitalised and very ill. Jack didn’t catch it and he had shared a tent with him. We are again convinced this was due to him taking Leapfrog. I’ve since bought another pack and have taken them as the pulse method. They will definitely be a staple in our families Medical supplies every winter from now on.



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