13 Reasons To Love Apple Cider Vinegar

13 Reasons To Love Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV might sound like a hip-hop collective, but while you’re not likely to hear it on the radio, your most health-conscious buddies are likely to bang on about it.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been famous as a natural remedy since Ancient Greek times – Hippocrates, the “Father of Modern Medicine” used it to clean wounds and relieve coughs.

The main health benefits of ACV are that it can improve digestion and support your immune system. The probiotic bacteria in ACV are gut-friendly and good for your digestive system, helping you ward off infections and disease and speed up your recovery if you do get ill. ACV is also perfect for an alkaline diet because, although it’s slightly acidic in pH, when it’s metabolized within the body it promotes alkalinity.

You’re looking for ACV that is raw and unpasteurised and is naturally fermented with “The Mother” – a murky cobweb-like substance that floats in the liquid and contains the all-important strains of proteins and bacteria. We love Willy’s ACV because it’s the good stuff in a great-looking bottle.

1. Condition your hair

Combine equal quantities of ACV and water in a bottle. After washing your hair as normal, pour on the mix then rinse with water. The acetic acid may lower your hair’s pH to sort out your dry, frizzy tresses and help with an itchy scalp and dandruff.

2. Get an energy boost

Sipping on ACV diluted in water can give you natural energy, by helping your body maintain an alkaline pH level (higher acid levels/lower pH can deplete energy)

3. A natural deodorant

ACV is a natural antiseptic and can kill bacteria without harming your skin. Apply under your arms on cleansed skin before bed, and it will help stop body odour.

4. Tone your skin

Equal parts water and ACV can be used instead of your usual toner. The acetic acid can balance your skin’s pH and gently exfoliate it too.

5. Soothe your throat

Gargle with a mixture of one-third cup of ACV mixed with warm water. The vinegar helps to break up mucus in the body and relieve sinus congestion.

6. Clean your home

Add 1 cup ACV to 2 cups water in a spray bottle and use as an all-purpose cleaner (though not on granite or marble)

7. Soak your feet

One-part vinegar in two parts warm water, soak for 10-15 minutes and say bye-bye to cracked heels, foot odour and fungal infections.

8. Lower your blood sugar

Drink four teaspoons in water before a high carb meal and it may help prevent blood sugar spikes.

9. A daily drink

Two teaspoons well diluted in water will give you its benefits (never undiluted as this can damage your teeth). Willy’s recommends a diluted daily dose of 25ml within water, smoothies or dressings.

10. As a salad dressing

Whisk 3 parts olive oil with 2 parts ACV, 1 tsp honey and lots of dried herbs and pour over salad leaves.

11. A flavour enhancer
Skip the salt and add a dash of ACV to your food instead.

12. As a steam facial treatment
Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a bowl of hot, boiled water. Cover your head with a towel and steam for 15 minutes.

13. Soothe a sunburn
Add 2 teaspoons of ACV to a bath to soothe and cool a sunburn.