Combining Leapfrog With Chinese Medicine

Combining Leapfrog With Chinese Medicine

At Leapfrog, we are always looking for ways to support our immune system naturally – rituals that we can easily incorporate daily that have genuine health benefits. Our bodies are brilliant at defending us against germs – including synthesising lactoferrin as a mediator of both the innate and adaptive immune responses – but modern life can impede our immunity.

The culprits? It’s a roll call of stress, poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, and lack of sleep. Yes, our lactoferrin supplements are there as a back-up when we need them, but we are very excited about these recent additions to our immunity-enhancing arsenal: Chinese self-care rituals brought to you by a great British brand called Hayo’u.

If you’ve never tried Gua Sha before, you’re in for a treat. The practice involves a massage tool that soothes stress and stimulates circulation, allowing an increased flow of nutrients to the skin. By sweeping the lustrous jade crystal over your face, you are helping to clear toxins, plump and sculpt, and reduce wrinkles. The action stimulates the dermis to support collagen and elastin production and releases tension to relax facial muscles. It is also said to increase micro-circulation by 400%, clear inflammation and increase immunity.

Body tapping is another curious wonder practice, one that keeps the cells of the immune system moving and working efficiently. Also known as Pai Sha in Chinese Medicine, when the light bamboo rods are tapped over the body it enables the free flow of circulation, clears areas of stagnation, supports lymphatic drainage and encourages the smooth flow of blood and qi around the body.



Katie Brindle is the luminous female founder behind the Hayo’u Method. She defies all expectation in the self-care industry: a gregarious, blonde Chinese medical practitioner whose mission is to heal us all from the inside out. Katie recently spoke about Leapfrog IMMUNE on her Instagram feed in conjunction with her body tapper. It’s a powerful combination, as she explains:

“Stress is one of the big things that wallops our immune systems, and that stress response takes the blood out of the digestive system and puts it into the muscles for fight or flight. If you’re taking a supplement, you also need to do some kind of physical activity to rectify that stress response while it’s happening. It doesn’t mean going to the gym at the end of the working day and doing a lot of heart-thumping exercise because that can make the body more stressed and doesn’t deal with the stress response at the time. If you’re tapping or taking supplements, put the two together. Marry them.

You want to take supplements and you want to enjoy a healthy diet, but you need to ensure that the benefits are getting into the cells. By tapping the body what you’re doing is rectifying that stress response as it’s happening and getting that blood flow moving smoothly around the body.”

All the self-care products in the Hayo’u range – from crystal restorers and body combs to bamboo tappers – are like objets d’art, but there’s nothing superficial about the practices. “In our Western medical system, the body is compartmentalised for specialists to treat, but in fact, the body is a whole – a synthesis, a symphony and a carnival of creativity. A 3 trillion cell organism that’s connected to itself, and our one-minute rituals at Hayo’u are potent self-treatment remedies,” she explains, “It’s called Hayo’u because our rituals unlock YOU.”

 Woman Body Tapping




The Thymus

The thymus gland can be tapped every day. The thymus is situated behind the breastbone, and it’s where T cells, which fight infection, are produced in the body.

The Abdomen

With many lymph nodes in the abdomen, it’s particularly good to focus on this area. In Chinese medicine, tapping the abdomen supports the spleen and other vital organs, which control the overall health of the body.

The Sides

The spleen is hugely important for immunity. From a Western perspective because of its relationship to white blood cells, and from an Eastern one because it has a close connection with the lymphatic system, which is key to the good functioning of your immunity. Tap your sides by the lower ribs with a loosely clenched fist or a tapper.

Visit the Hayo’u Method website and social feeds for tips on how to use the Gua Sha tool and Body Tapper.