Lactoferrin: "A God Particle" Say Scientists

Lactoferrin: "A God Particle" Say Scientists

“It's Magic”. “A Hero”. “A Gem”. “A God Particle”.

This is how Lactoferrin was described among fifty scientists when they each took to the stage in Rome in November to share their latest research on the “miracle molecule”.

A natural protein extracted from milk, Lactoferrin and its powers as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, iron-binding, immune-modulating, and gut-enhancing supplement are being explored by scientists around the globe.

Leapfrog's founder Stephanie Drax went to listen and learn about the therapeutic potential of Lactoferrin, not only to help people with their individual health challenges but to achieve their wellness goals, too. 

As the UK's first Lactoferrin brand, Leapfrog has Lactoferrin as the key active of its range. The following comments by scientists show precisely why Lactoferrin is known in scientific circles as "the Swiss Army knife of the human host defence system."


How Can Lactoferrin Help You?


“Lactoferrin can block the spike protein of Sars-Cov-2. Babies are rarely affected by Covid and this could be due to the lactoferrin in mother’s milk.” Prof. Bo Lönnerdal, Paediatrics

Vaccine Support

“In our trial, we found a protective effect of lactoferrin in vaccinated subjects and a reduction in negativisation time.” Prof. Elena Campione, Dermatoglogy


“Lactoferrin has been shown to kill cancer, but not white blood cells. A pharma company is working with the anti-cancer peptides derives from lactoferrin” Prof. Hans Vogel, Biochemistry


“Lactoferrin has a binding site for glucose and fructose molecules so could help with diabetes, obesity, fatty liver and heart disease.” Prof. Sharjat Sharma, Biophysics

Fungal Infection

“Our study showed that Lactoferrin disrupts the biofilm of Candida Albicans and inhibits its growth.” Prof. Nidia León-Sicairos, Microbiology

Stomach Pain

“Consistent use of aspirin and ibuprofen can lead to gastric pain. Lactoferrin sequesters these unbound drugs in the gut, reversing gastropathy and preventing it.” Prof. Shujata Sharma, Biophysics


“Lactoferrin activates neural pathways to help with short term memory and problem solving, reduces anxiety and can help with Alzheimers.” Prof Bing Wang, Molecular & Biosciences


Premature Birth

“Lactoferrin prevents premature birth because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious effects, causing dramatic changes in the mother’s vaginal bacterial flora.” Dr. Katsufumi Otsuki, Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Vulnerable Newborns

“Breastfeeding is the best intervention and for some women this doesn’t work, so that is when lactoferrin can help prevent long term effects of infections.” Prof. Theresa Ochoa, Paediatrics

Iron Overload

"An excess of iron is toxic and can lead to tissue damage. Serum ferritin is elevated after Covid-19 and Lactoferrin reduces serum ferritin levels.” Prof. Antimo Cutone, Biochemistry

Bone Growth

“Lactoferrin increases the osteoblasts - the formation of bone - and decreases osteoclasts. You get an increase in bone volume.” Prof. Jill Cornish, Medical & Health Sciences


“Lactoferrin can double the bacteriostatic effects of antibiotics and the increase the bacteriocidal effects by ten times.” Prof. Jill Cornish, Medical & Health Sciences 

Gut Health

“Lactoferrin works against the bad microbes, not the good probiotic bacteria, which is useful for anyone with microbiota problems.” Blaz Grilc, Biopharmaceutics


“Current cystitis treatment for symptoms can have side effects and are not a cure; lactoferrin can prevent recurrence.” Prof. Rosalba Paesano, Urological Sciences

Skin Disorders

"Atopic Dermatitis and acne - the molecule has an important activity in modulating cytokines in inflammatory and skin disorders." Prof Elena Campione, Dermatology.


"The current iron administration to cure anaemia doesn't take into account the fact that iron is not absent in the body, but delocalised. Lactoferrin restores the synthesis of ferroportin and contributes to export iron from cells into the blood restoring hematological parameters" Prof. Piera Valenti, Public Health & Infectious Diseases