“Leapfrog Is A Saviour Product”

“Leapfrog Is A Saviour Product”

At Leapfrog we love the science behind our supplements, which is why you’ll often find interviews with scientists, nutritionists and wellness experts on our Journal pages (with a chunky bibliography that lists the sources and peer-reviewed papers). But nothing gets us leaping higher with joy at Leapfrog HQ than when Leapfrog customers take the time to write a review on their experience. When they tell us the difference it has made in their lives and how it has helped, there is nothing more compelling for us than this.

So please meet Emma Roberts, who has been so blown away by Leapfrog IMMUNE, she wrote to us to explain exactly why.

“As a Mummy of two boys (aged 3 and 6) illnesses are always at our door. I also have ME so seem to get more poorly with little things for longer. I came across Leapfrog last year when Stephanie Drax (Leapfrog’s founder) did an Insta Live with Liz Earle and she and her story resonated with me and my life.

Trying to be OK to work and look after the family whilst being ill is just rough. Also, I’m a Voice Artist so I can’t afford to sound ill let alone be ill! My husband and I started to take Leapfrog each day for a month and then a month off (the Pulse Method).

If something came up with the boys my husband and I would take two tablets a day for a bit and I’m very pleased to say that Leapfrog’s science is to be believed.

I did still catch what they got most of the time (my husband is luckier normally!) but it was over SO much more quickly and I felt I was back to normal faster than I usually am. Case in point – Covid in February. I had Long Covid in 2020 which was horrendous and I was so scared I would succumb again. So again my husband and I took two tablets each day for 10 days and this Covid experience was just so much better than the last for us. I was back to normal within a few weeks as opposed to 9 months in 2020.

So for me Leapfrog has been – and still is – a saviour product.

It is worth the money for me to know I can continue to be there for the family as a Mummy and also not let people down with illness for work. I intend to keep taking it on a ‘month on, month off’ basis while the boys are small and especially in the winter months. I’m very grateful to Stephanie and team whose meticulous research, ingenuity and commitment have brought us something really effective.”

What is the Pulse Method®?

Emma is taking Leapfrog IMMUNE on the Pulse Method®, which is one tablet per day month on, month off. Lactoferrin is the hero ingredient of Leapfrog IMMUNE – a miracle molecule that your body makes daily to fight off bacteria and viruses. Sometimes, our lifestyles can work against us and our bodies need a helping hand. That’s when Leapfrog IMMUNE jumps in: chewable tablets with Lactoferrin + Zinc + Vitamin C. It’s a supplement that works in synch with your body’s own innate immune system. By taking Leapfrog IMMUNE on the Pulse Method®, you are allowing your body to produce its own Lactoferrin in the months off, but giving your body continued immune support over time.