Renee Elliott, Stephanie Drax and Anna Gough in Panel Discussion

The Rebellion Of Kindness - Leapfrog's London Event

I recently hosted Leapfrog’s first event, and did so alongside three inspiring women: Renée Elliott (founder of Planet Organic), Gillian Ridley-Whittle (founder of Peachaus) and Anna-Marie Gough (breathwork/cold water immersion coach). 

We held an intimate discussion on how we choose to work and run our companies, in a way that brings balance and fuels collaboration. We all crave connection, calm and kindness in this frenzied modern world, so we shared our priorities. It’s all about people, planet and purpose over profit. 

I loved taking a moment to share the wondrous wellbeing potential of Leapfrog’s hero ingredients, Lactoferrin and Lactium, and I made sure to credit the original formulator: Mother Nature. 

I explained that what propels Leapfrog forward is knowing we make a difference to our customers’ immunity and sleep. I know because you tell me personally, and for that connection I am grateful. 

Stephanie x

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What Our Panellists Said 

Renée Elliott Planet Organic Founder
“From a spiritual perspective I wanted to make a difference in the world and I wanted a life of service. I knew there was purpose in this organic supermarket idea. Promoting health in the community and supporting the earth’s biodiversity are very important to me.” Renée Elliott - founder of Planet Organic


Gillian Ridley-Whittle Peachaus Founder 

“I questioned the industry I was in (fast fashion) and I experienced burnout in a stressful culture that was toxic, cruel and driven by profit at any cost to people and planet. I wanted a brand that was kind and connected people, and to do clothing respectfully and in the right way.” Gillian Ridley-Whittle - founder of Peachaus


Stephanie Drax Leapfrog Remedies Founder

“When Renée (Elliott) became my mentor she asked me what value my business would add, and I thought of all the mums like me at the school gates who couldn’t afford the time to get sick. I said: 'I want to help people stay well with something that’s natural and really works.'” Stephanie Drax - founder of Leapfrog Remedies


Anna-Marie Gough Breathwork Coach

“When we’re breathing through our mouths we are not protecting ourselves - breathing through our noses gives our nervous system stability. This body is our home; not the bricks and mortar, it’s our flesh and bone. It’s been the greatest gift for me to help people connect inward.” Anna-Marie Gough - Breathwork Coach


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