Menopause: Leap Into Your Second Spring

Menopause: Leap Into Your Second Spring

October is Menopause Awareness Month, a time to reflect on the latest research, science and collective female experience powering women through midlife to flourishment in their ‘Second Spring’. Lactoferrin and Lactium® – the key ingredients of Leapfrog IMMUNE and SNOOZE - are not yet conventional supplements for peri-menopause and menopause, but the research to support their benefits in this sphere is growing. 


The Low Down on Leapfrog For Menopause.

Lactoferrin - a natural protein sourced from milk

Lactoferrin has a significant influence on the genital tract ecosystem. It promotes good bacteria in the gastrointestinal and genital tract and inhibits bacterial and fungal infections (1).

Preliminary research has shown lactoferrin to reduce bone loss, improve bone mineral density and increase the building of new bone (2).

Lactoferrin’s antimicrobial and iron-binding properties can help strengthen immunity and improve energy.

Lactium® - a natural milk protein hydrolysate

Lactium ® can help to regulate stress by reducing cortisol levels, the body’s stress hormone.

Without proper levels of the neurotransmitter GABA our nerve cells can fire too often. Lactium ® increases the activity of GABA and alleviates anxiety.

Sleep can become elusive later in life, and Lactium ® has been shown across 9 clinical trials to improve sleep quality and quantity.

 Supplements for peri menopause and menopause


Other Ways To Ease Into Your Second Spring

  • Listen to your body and rest when you need to.
  • Minimise processed food and eat real foods at regular intervals. This will help your body meet its nutritional needs. 
  • Drink plenty of water and cut back on alcohol which can dehydrate. 
  • Incorporate movement every day and strength train regularly. We champion Caroline Idiens and Kate Rowe Ham for their effective workouts with menopause in mind.
  • Talk openly about your feelings with friends.
  • Consider breathwork and meditation as part of your routine. We love Anna Gough for her anxiety-reducing sessions that build mental resilience.
  • Do what brings joy and do less of what doesn't.
  • Reframe menopause in your mind as confidence, wisdom and powerful feminine energy.

Exercise and supplements for menopause and peri menopause


What our Leapfrog customers have to say...

I wish I had known about Leapfrog SNOOZE at the height of my peri-menopause no sleep stage. I still suffer from erratic sleep patterns and I’m 62. This has made such a difference to getting a good night’s sleep. I would highly recommend them. No more lying awake staring at the ceiling hoping sleep will come. What a revelation.” Elaine D. verified customer


I cannot live without SNOOZE tablets! I have found that they are fantastic at calming my menopausal anxiety. Social outings to new places and dental visits have become more bearable since taking SNOOZE. They also stop me from clenching my jaw in my sleep which means I get a better quality of sleep and wake up without the face and tooth pain that usually accompanies jaw clenching. For me SNOOZE is a little pink pill of magic which has given me my life back. Thank you x” Donna G. verified customer


"I’ve started taking Leapfrog IMMUNE when I feel tired and run down and I honestly think it’s a miracle tablet – I feel so much better after taking it. I’m going through the menopause and I think it’s really, really brilliant.” Deborah B.  verified customer


"One of my menopause symptoms is extreme fatigue and quite by accident, I have found that if I take Leapfrog IMMUNE every other day, my energy levels stay consistent and I have even managed to start exercising again! My energy is similar to what it was when I was in my teens which is incredible! I cannot begin to thank you for not only getting me through each day, but for having energy and the joy that that brings - a HUGE THANK YOU!” Rachel A. verified customer



(1) Antimicrobial and Prebiotic Activity of Lactoferrin in the Female Reproductive Tract: A Comprehensive Review (Biomedicines 2021)

(2) Lactoferrin Is a Potent Regulator of Bone Cell Activity and Increases Bone Formation In Vivo. (Endocrinology 2004)