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You’re No Stranger To Lactoferrin


Lactoferrin is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory protein that your body makes daily, however it can become depleted faster than it’s restored if we’re stressed, struggling to sleep, run down, or ageing. This is when Leapfrog springs into action.

Contains: Lactoferrin + Zinc + Vitamin C

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Want To Sleep Like A Baby?


Inspired by the blissed-out mood of a baby after drinking milk, French scientists created Lactium® to emulate that same serene state in a supplement. It’s been clinically proven to reduce stress-related symptoms like anxiety and promote efficient sleep.

Contains: Lactium® + Lactoferrin + Vitamin B6

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Customer reviews

“I am thrilled to see products that include one of my favourite immune boosters – Lactoferrin. This underused protein can indeed be a 'game changer' in gut healing, microbial balance and immune modulation.”

Emma Davies, DipNUT, MBANT, CNHC – Nutritional Consultant