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    I am so happy I found this product…

    I am so happy I found this product…
    1 December 2021 Stephanie Drax

    About IMMUNE

    I have used IMMUNE for one month and am currently on my “off month” before I start my next pack. I am a very healthy person overall, but I have not had any colds or symptoms of such since using immune. I am so happy I found this product. My only comment would be the cost. I live in California and for the three pack with shipping it was $250 American dollars. Despite the high price I still see the value in the product but in the future I will probably buy individual boxes every other month due to cost. I absolutely love it though, and randomly saw a live on IG with Katie Brindle who is a Chinese medicine guru, so I knew it had to be a well-vetted product and she was right!

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